Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Family Tree

I found this tutorial a while ago, and absolutely loved it. However, I did some tweaking and came up with my own take.
Family is pretty big around here... in every sense! I have four brothers and sisters, Tyler has 3; add them all together with extended family=a big, crazy bunch! So I thought, A Family Tree! We need a family tree! So here is my rendition:Tyler and I's leaves are in the middle, our parents are in pairs above "us" (3 pairs; Tyler has two sets!), and the three kids are below to the left side of the screen. I chose boy/girl fabric to kind of distinguish between who's who.
The back is a pocket pillow, and I used a 18x18 bamboo pillow.
Absolutely LOVE! It is one of our family Christmas presents, so it is put away for now. But I may break it out early.

I am thinking of making them for special order. Let me know if you are interested:)

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