Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Colton's Birthday Party

Colton's birthday party was a huge success, and I think fun was had by all. I might have planned a little too many games (hence the morning after game of pin the tail on the wolf), but it went fine. He had a plane cake, a B-1 Bomber pinata (that Tyler spent hours on!), friends, pool, sprinkler, croquet, and presents!
Morning after Pin the Tail on the Wolf.... even Coyote the wolf got a turn! Colton, Ayla and Kellen all put the tails where they were supposed to go... Tyler was the furthest off!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Colton is 5!!!!

Five years ago today, we welcomed this sweet little bundle into our lives. From day one, he has been his own little person. Always curious, always shy, always doing things at his own pace. We have been so lucky to get to watch you grow into the little boy/big brother you are today. Thank you Colton Jay, for giving us a very happy five years... and hopefully many, many more!

I will try to post his birth story soon (when time permits)