Tuesday, January 31, 2012

365 project :: days 25-31

25:365 Kellen loves to play on the jumper with Soren... or swing him!
26:365 Look at that hair!
27:365 Our chore basket (each pick two a day)
28:365 discovering toys
29:365 Insistent upon bringing football to the top of slide
30:365 Baby feet!
31:365 My little monkies

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

365 project :: days 17-24

17:: 365 (everyone needs an abacus while they potty)
18:: 365 (our January outdoor picnic)
19:: 365 (just liked the light here, but from day before)
20::365 (A boy and his planes)
21:: 365 (mixing legos with UNO)
22:: 365 (Love this! Finger sucker...)
23:: 365 (Ayla reading to her two brothers)
24::365 (this boy LOVES his kefir yogurts)

I need to work on maybe more shots without my kids in them?! I just think they are sooo cute, and most of my MOMENTS are with them, I guess.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ft. Worth Zoo, New Year's Day with Uncle Noel

This picture is so "Ayla" for me. Messy hair. Pink flamingos. I love my girl!

Colton reading his map... Maps are awesome at places like zoos!

They almost have a family resemblance?!

Zebra! (total inside family joke, and oh-so-funny!)

The "train" that really did nothing for us.

Having a good chat.

These are my favorite kind of shots. Right in their face when they are a little mad!

These mountain lions followed all the kids with their eyes, and I am sure they were thinking they looked tasty.

I don't know why everyone thinks their twins?

Funnest thing to see at the zoo... the ring tailed lemur show! They were running circles and bouncing OFF the wall! So cute! I really enjoyed watching there antics, as did the kids since Madagascar is one of their favorite movies. And thankfully Uncle Noel does a perfect King Julian impression!

I think one of my favorite shots.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve was special this year, because we got to spend it with Uncle Bigfoot, or Uncle Noelie (we have a book called Uncle Bigfoot, and the Uncle has really big feet, so we named Noel that). He drove down from Maryland with some friends of his, and they invited us over to her parents place near Ft. Worth. They were very hospitable and made us feel oh so welcome. We sang karaoke and lit off fireworks. The kids thought that was great. Well, except Soren. But that is okay. The kids also got to decorate rice krispey treats, and they thought that was a blast. Here's to a wonderful 2012.

Monday, January 16, 2012

365 picture a day

Inspired by a friend of mine, I am going to try to keep up with a picture a day for the whole year. This may just be for my enjoyment, but I want to have record of those everyday moments that for the most part kind of just get overlooked. This will be a long post because it will begin at the start of the year. I will label them with their dates and whatnot.

I failed at this experiment before! Here :: I only made it through mid- February... oh, how I wish I would have continued!




4:365 (Ayla and Uncle Bigfoot)

5:365 (T-rex arms)

6:365 (marshmallow mushrooms)

7:365 (Jingle in a flightsuit?!)

8:365 (doll making)

9:365 (taken by Tia, at girls' coffee)


11:365 (green smoothie)

12:365 (blueberry monster)

13:365 (first pacifier time)

14:365 (taken by the lovely Tia, another girls' lunch)

15:365 (friends)

16:365 (definition of passed out; notice the drool?)