Thursday, October 30, 2008

Welcome to this spot!

Happy day before Halloween! I decided to start a blog... I always like to let the family know what is going on with us, especially Colton and Ayla, so maybe this will be a better way to do that! Ayla is finally walking; well, I say finally only because she was put off schedule with the broken leg, but now, she is a moving! And so cute.. moves her hands to keep her balance, which is hillarious!
We made a family trip to Salvation Army to purchase a couple left handed golf clubs for little Colton, so he could be like daddy, his hero. Tyler cut them down to size and they are trying them out as we speak... they are the cutest little clubs! We found out Colton was a lefty like his Grammie Roxanne! Genetics are crazy! Sometimes I wonder how I had such wonderful cute little kids! Then I look at Tyler and say, oh, that's why people say Colton looks just like him!
I have been making diapers like crazy... I have about 15 cut out to replace some pretty worn ones, and they are soooo cute! I got Ayla some cute apple print fabric and they are just adorable, too bad her clothes always cover up her diapers! Well, I guess I better get to putting the kids to bed so I can watch Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy! Till later, Brooke

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Nicole said...

Love your new blog. Very cute pics! I have to say I'm impressed with the pumpkin carving.