Saturday, July 11, 2009

Making raspberry jam for the first time EVER!!

I just got done making some raspberry freezer jam... for the first time in my life! I have always wanted to "can" something, but have been kind of nervous to try it. But I finally did! With the encouragement from Danielle, my sister in law (Thanks!!) I decided to try an easy recipe that didn't take much on my part.
I purchased a flat of raspberries at a local fruit stand, and got to work! I actually had a pectin crisis, and at 7pm, called up a local health organic store (they were closed) but the owner (?) answered, and said they carried the brand that I wanted (pomona's universal pectin), and he graciously offered to wait for me right then and let me come pick it up!! What an awesome store!! (It is Whithey's, in Kalispell, for those of you wondering) I wanted this specific brand because you don't have to use as much sugar, and even instead of sugar you can use honey (it was 4 cups of sugar in reg. recipe, compared to 1-2 cups in this!) So.... thanks, Whithey's!
I began by reading directions, and moving pretty slowly, just to make sure I was getting it right; but it was really easy! I ended up with 7-16 oz jars and 5-8oz jars for the freezer! Wow, we are set for awhile.
And even better, the kids got to help mash the berries! How cute. Try it yourself.... it was easier than I thought.... and nothing is better than homemade jam!


Anonymous said...

Yum! I've been thinking of making some too. where did you find your recipe? Jennie

Brooke said...

The recipe was in the pectin package... really easy to follow, and low in sugar, and yum on toast, sandwiches and especially vanilla ice cream!

Cate said...

we just made a bunch of raspberry jam over the weekend. it's a lot of work, but so worth it. (i'll post later in the week with a bonus recipe for another raspberry treat.)

your jam looks so delicious. congrats on your first foray into jamming!

Maria Rose said...

I have been wanting to try it too!