Thursday, July 2, 2009

My little girl, how her name came to be...

Today, Ayla went upstairs and grabbed a book off the shelf, brought it downstairs and started flipping through it like she was reading. This may seem like I am looking into things, but of all the books she could have picked, she picked the one that we picked her name from. "The Clan of the Cave Bear" by Jean Auel, has always been one of my favorites... well, since my mom would let me read it (it is kind of racy in certain parts :) ) The main character is a girl named Ayla, orphaned in the world at a very young age, back in the cavemen type era. I absolutely LOVED (and still do!) that name! As far back as high school (more than 10 years ago) I was saying I would have a little girl in 2007 named Ayla. Well, we had Colton in 2006, so I thought no way would we have a girl in 2007! But we did get pregnant. We chose not to find out if she would be boy or girl, but I really hoped for a girl!
So in May of 2007, we moved to the Flathead Valley in Kalispell, Montana. Small, but not insignificant, some of the main characters from the book, "The Clan of the Cave Bear" are from the Flathead tribe.
That is how Ayla's name came to be. And she was meant to be. Funny how things that seem so crazy... like having kids 14 months apart... can happen, and make your life all the better.
Her favorite color is purple... just like mine was when I was little.
Her favorite food is chocolate milk... as I am sure it was one of my favorites
She loves to wear her boots with anything... rubber boots and dresses... cute. I guess I did that alot when I was little, too.
She is so bossy and independent... just like I was (am?)

I think she is a mini-me! Only WAY cuter!!!
Love you Ayla, Shmayla!

Colton's birthday is next week... our special little rascal! I can't wait till he sees my "special" gift, just for him! And Tyler has big plans of an elaborate tractor cake... we will see.

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