Sunday, August 2, 2009

Slacking, I know!

I have been kind of slacking on the blog front... summer has caught up with us finally! We found ... or finally discovered a great little beach on Whitefish Lake, so we have been taking the kids up there to play around! Also, I have been working on diaper orders when the weather is cool enough to work in my "dungeon" (aka the garage!). So needless to say, we are having fun.

We leave this week to finally go on vacation! Usually we take vacation to see family; and this time we are too - but at a resort in Oregon! How wonderful is that? we get 5 days to relax and not move from house to house... we are really excited. So we will be gone for a couple weeks (doing the normal ritual after that!) Not that we mind seeing everyone! We just like to relax.

Be back in a while!

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