Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fun with Grammie

Grammie Roxanne and Grandpa Pat were here for the last weekend; and we had such a great time! Tyler and Grandpa left early in the weekend for hunting, but the kids, Grammie and I did stuff around the house. We crafted a lot... Grammie got alot of her knitting done for Christmas, and I started a stocking for Ayla (more on that later!).
One of the best things we did was make a felted garland for our Christmas season. I think we are going to use it on the tree. The idea came from the book Handmade Home by Amanda Soule (aka Soulemama). I absolutely love this book, and think it is worth taking a look at if you like to craft things - her blog is awesome too!
First we felted scraps I had left from making woolies... sweaters that I had bought from thrift shops (felting is pretty easy... just wash in hot water, then dry in the dryer for quite a while! This makes the weave tighter and easier to work with for this project); then we cut them all up into square-like shapes... Colton even helped with this. Next, we threaded some yarn and used a big needle to string square after square. Both the kids helped with this part, and were quite pleased with their work. And both Grammie and I were quite impressed with their abilities... who knew!

We also decided to have an early Thanksgiving... so Sunday and Monday, we prepared a full feast:
turkey with a sage rub
apple gravy
green bean casserole
sausage stuffing
broccoli cheddar dish
mashed white and sweet potatoes
fresh cranberry sauce
homemade rolls
and of course : homemade apple and pumpkin pies!

Everything was absolutely wonderful!!! I couldn't believe how it all just came together, mostly because of Roxanne and her dedication! Couldn't have done it without her! The kids had fun helping when and where they could.. punching the bread dough and rolling the biscuits. We all ate so much we almost couldn't move! That is, except the kids... they aren't quite appreciative of great comfort food. Oh, well... more for Tyler and I.

(pictures will come soon... having problems with upload!)

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Megan said...

Your children are just adorable!