Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Little crafters

This is what the kids do when I sew or work on a project. They take my scraps and their little kid scissors and cut away and then recently, they added in the pretend sewing on my old machine. It is so cute to see what they make! I like that I can influence them on their future(?) hobbies. Even Colton says he want to learn how to sew when he gets bigger.

The Green Smoothie Challenge is going very well. I have had at least one big glass of a green concoction every day, starting last Monday. I feel like I might have more energy, but it is hard to tell with the ups and downs of 7 week old (can you believe he is 7 weeks old?!) and sleep! I usually have the smoothies for breakfast, lunch, or a pre-bedtime snack... yummy! usually. I made one with collard greens, not sure why, but it tasted HORRIBLE! I choked it down but YUCK! Not recommended!

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Danielle said...

They look so cute working together like that!