Monday, July 12, 2010

Camping at Bull Lake

We took a neighbor up on his offer to "camp" at his cabin in the woods near Bull Lake (which is between Thompson Falls and Troy in NW Montana), and headed there on Saturday morning. Actually, we had no intention of camping this weekend, we were only going to clean out our storage unit... but, we got that done on Friday! So away we went!

On our way there, we saw a huge bull moose on the side of the highway, just munching on a tree. I think we may have been the only ones to see him, and subsequently, I scared him by trying to snap a picture of him!

The cabin was so cute, and Tyler and I both commented on how we would love to have a place like that someday. We went to the lake for a swim (one state park there is seriously redneck), then headed to Ross Creek Cedars (which is a really cool hike), and checked out a very nice campground called Bad Medicine campground (which apparently is where a major landslide occurred and killed Native Americans in the area) ( here is a link for some info... just thought it was interesting :) )Sunday, we left at lunch time and headed to Kootenai River Falls for the third time and did a little hiking there too. Here is the bridge.... Here are the kids and Tyler in the middle of the bridge... I go across without stopping!This is us with the falls behind us. We have taken a picture from about the same spot every time we come here. ( Here )
All in all, a great camp trip and look forward to our next one!
Colton being sweet and giving his mama a flower

Kellen getting his first taste of cantaloupe! He loved sucking on it...but I don't plan
on delving into daily solids until at least 6 months!



Danielle said...

CUTE Cabin!! Looks like great time. I can't wait to go camping, some time it will happen!!

Nicole said...

Love your blog!! SO fun to see what you guys are up to!