Wednesday, July 14, 2010

last weeks visitors

We had so much fun with our 4th of July visitors! Granna and Papa; Jaden my niece; and Noel (my brother) and his boyfriend Justin. The kids loved having an older cousin to play with (she's 7), and of course, grandparents here is always great. Throw in a couple uncles, and you get some spoiled kids! But we had a lo of fun! I hadn't seen my brother in about 2 years (!) and had never met Justin. Also, having Jaden around was great... she is such a sweet, thoughtful little girl.
A trip was made to Glacier... too bad the weather wasn't cooperative! We drove up the going to the sun road, and it was rainy and very windy. Still beautiful though!
We also ventured to the Stumptown Art Studio in Whitefish, and painted some pottery... more on that later.
For Wednesday WIP, Kellen has some new drool handkerchiefs... so cute! I also made Jaden and Ayla matching skirts, and some banner parts for Colton's bday! Jaden even got some sewing in while she was here, and made herself a banner for her room. sp cute and sweet to teach her a bit about sewing!

Look for posts in near future from Colton's bday and our 4th of July! Happy Wednesday!

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Looks like you're having a wonderful Summer! the children are gorgeous definitely little earthmonkeys climbing those rocks, we have earthboys! Have a lovely time.