Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kellen's 6 months old!

(Oh yeah, and I am 30!) I can't believe my sweet boy is 6 months old. Oh, how I love him. This is him in my favorite chair at 6 months:
And... this is him there at 4 months:
I plan to spend my day at home, doing the things 30 year olds do. Ayla and I might go get an ice cream cone (if she's nice to me), we are getting family pictures done by the talented Alicia Brown, and Tyler is making me steak and peanut butter cheesecake!!!


Leecia Templeton said...

Happy Birthday Sis! I love you!

Danielle said...

Happy birthday Brooke, you old lady you!! and happy half birthday Kellen, I can't believe I STILL haven't met you!!

Anonymous said...

Kellen is such a beautiful little guy! With a beautiful mother like you how could he be anything else?
Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Love, mom and dad Aamot
And dad, Tyler, of course!