Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Truthful Tuesday (late) and WIP

Truthful :: mess on the kitchen table. But, seriously led to a very productive day! (check out WIP next!)
WIP :: I finished SO much yesterday! A birthday crown and name banner for a bday girl in less than 2 weeks! A O + S shirt for said girl; a stack of diapers (in exchange for pictures, I love bartering!); 2 diaper wraps for Kellen; a pillow for my 17 (?) year old niece... hope I can get the matching quilt done before xmas!
Today (wednesday) I spent the day rearranging and cleaning the house... something I opted not to do yesterday!
AND... here is Kellen getting his first taste of solids! Sweet Potatoes (same as Ayla)So cute!


Cate said...

hmmm. this all looks so familiar!

i love the new ice cream shirt! you did a great job, brooke.

what cute little messes you have there. xoxo

Heather said...

You are such an amazing sewist, and I am amazed by all that you accomplish. Everything looks wonderful.