Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sicknesses and Snow

The kids have been getting over a cold... you know the cough, runny nose and general stuffiness. AND NOW Kellen has a fever. Last night it got as high as 102.5! Thank goodness for Advil, and mama's patience. (Tyler was gone last night) We didn't get much sleep.
But he seems in good spirits when he is medicated, and we might make the trip to our wonderful doc later today.
And later today, we are supposed to get a pretty good snowstorm. Unfortunately, Tyler will be driving home in it. But he is pretty used to this weather by now. I try not to worry about him constantly.
Isn't Kellen so cute in these legwarmers and woolie? I just couldn't resist taking pictures of his cute little bum!And Ayla feeding him a bottle... he is one of my babies that actually takes a bottle quite well. Such a sweet boy.

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