Tuesday, February 8, 2011

why am I not here?

that is the question I ask myself daily... why are you not blogging today? You know what my answer is? I am busy!!!
So here are a few things we have been up to::

:: we found out we are moving to Abilene, Texas! At the beginning of May. Feels like it is tomorrow!

:: I am in my final weeks of physical therapy for my knee... only 3 more weeks, and then I have to take it a bit easy, but I should be back to running in May...

:: I have been knitting up a storm! I am almost done with my Shalom sweater... but.... I ran out of my butternut squash yarn and had to order some more. So that is on hold.

:: I started a jacket for Kellen, and hooded baby snuggler for someone that is having a baby...

:: the sun has been shining around here, and although it is still SUPER cold (I mean in the teens mostly) we have been trying to get outside; now that I am not as scared to slip and fall and mess up my knee again. The kids have been loving it! They even rode their bikes. It took a couple pedals for them to remember how to do it, but they figured it out!

:: Kellen has been being mischievous. He JUST recently realized that he doesn't have to lay on his back in his crib (I don't know why it has taken him this long to even try to roll over in there!)... so he is having a tough time calming down for bedtime. Or naps. That kid hates naps. I swear that he only sleeps maybe 45 minutes during the day. Sometimes he sleeps well at night, and sometimes he doesn't. Oh well, he is REALLY super cute and makes up for the lack of sleep.

:: I recently discovered a Chinese food restaurant that is SO good here in Montana... The Alley Connection. Just thought I would through that out there.

Hope everyone has a great week.... Tyler is gone for a work thing for a couple days so it is just me here to hold down the fort. I am SO not looking forward to him EVER being deployed. Three days is tough!

I will post pics soon!

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