Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A couple glimpses into our living space

So in the move, we changed up a couple things. The biggest one is that we chose not to have the TV downstairs in the living room/family room area. This has been a huge positive change for us. No longer do I get stuck watching a stupid show or have the kids begging to watch something... which leads me to another change... we decided no cable for us. We did however order Netflix and get movies from the library on a weekly basis. The kids get to watch a movie after lunch, while I nap with Kellen or get a project done. This is also a huge improvement. I cannot say enough good things about it. I am such a fan.

The kids have their little corner of the area downstairs, behind the couches. We decided to put up the teepee as a reading corner and that has also worked out fabulous. Plus, it looks adorable. With their books, which was an ongoing battle with me, we decided to pack up most of them, and do a rotating library for them. Each week they pick out a couple books for upstairs and a couple for downstairs, we put them in their baskets and it makes cleanup so much easier! Plus, they really get to appreciate certain books for the whole week, and they seem to really dig it. I was so skeptical of putting the books away, but it has created a lovely amount of peace for the family.

Our downstairs really has become a favorite place to be (maybe because it is cooler?) and I really enjoy the decor we have chosen. We didn't really mean to go with the red and white and blue, but it seems to work! Plus, I guess we are pretty patriotic.

Well, I am off to nap. Maybe.


camille creates said...

Happy new home to you!
Cheers, Camille

Amy said...

Love it!