Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Our" park

This is the park which is about 2 minutes walk from our house. The kids love it. Tyler and I love it. You can usually find us there most days between 8am to 10am or 8pm to 9pm depending on when the kids wake up and when we want to put them to bed.
Colt and Ayla usually bring their favorite stuffed animals and play with them. If Tyler is there, he plays monster with them. I either walk around it, or push Kellen on the swing (his favorite).
It is so nice to have a great park so close.... I just wish most of the day wasn't SO incredibly hot!!!

Oh, and hardly anyone is ever there!? Maybe the weather, I don't know. So the kids refer to it as "OUR" park... and ask when anyone else is there, why they are at OUR park!

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