Monday, October 3, 2011

Holding Pattern

Tomorrow, we head in to be induced. This baby is stubborn... we are 41.5 weeks along, and decided if Granna and Papa wanted to get a chance to see this baby for any amount of time, we needed to set a date for induction.
I feel like these last three weeks have had us in a holding pattern of sorts. Always waiting for the baby to make his appearance, and it just never happened! Being the fourth baby, we figured it would happen sooner than later... boy were we wrong!
Colton had been 2 days before his due date, Ayla was induced a week before hers (for purely selfish reasons on my part!), and Kellen was induced 3 days after his due date kind of because the same reasons this guy is being induced! So we assumed... but you know what that does (makes an ASS out of U and ME!)

We are very happy to be finally able to say tomorrow is the day, but oh, how I wished this boy would make his appearance on his own! He seems to be pretty comfy in there, though.
I walked 4 miles today... granted not all at once, but in two trips. And I walked pretty fast for a severely pregnant woman :) But nothing so far. I think I will eat a piece of cheesecake, head to bed (maybe get a massage?) and watch a movie... and anxiously wait for either 430 to arrive, or some contractions. Either way, we will get a baby.

And that is really all I want.

Wish us luck!

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