Friday, October 7, 2011

Soren Bridger

Our little boy, Soren Bridger was born on October 4th, 2011, at 250pm.
We are so happy to have him here. (and for the record... I don't think he was overdue! He looked just like he was right on time!)
If you look at this last picture, you can see that his umbilical cord has a funny little knot right by his bellybutton... this is called a true knot, and it isn't very common, especially because of the location. From what we understand, this can be a problem in utero if the baby somehow tightens it, but usually doesn't really affect them at all.
As you can see he is loved by all his brothers and sister, and Ayla is always asking, "Can I hold the new little baby?" And Kellen just walks up to him with a smile and says "Baby, Ears, Eyes, Hands"... etc! So cute!

More to come later on his birth story, and my own views of hospital births in a couple different states. My sympathies to Texans. You guys are really behind the times.

And tomorrow or someday soon, I will have pictures of the proud daddy with his new son... for some reason I have not one picture of them together!

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Leslie Sullivan said...

What a wonderful blessing! I see that knot on the last picture! Wow! What a miracle. Congratulations on a healthy little baby and I am so happy for you!!