Thursday, June 7, 2012

The crazy Vegan diet

I don't have any pictures for this post at he moment... I just wanted to chat about my vegan experience this month. I started this "thing" a little over three weeks ago, and let me just say, I feel amazing.
I have "cheated" here and there, but I did not stray very far or very often. (although, I did not give up chocolate this whole time!) The course that I signed up through has provided some fantastic recipes and information that I really find quite appealing and the results are pretty nice too.

I have lost about 5 lbs in these 3 weeks, which really isn't surprising to me at all. I have upped my running and changed my diet, which is a no brainier for weight loss. But it is the way I feel too. I feel like I have more energy, and feel all around, MORE healthy from the inside, out.

I have been surprised with how delicious a lot of the recipes are, and KNOW that I will continue to use them (and try to convince Tyler that meat is not necessary at every meal!) I just got finished watching the documentary Forks Over Knives. So much of the information, I already agreed with, but some great added knowledge on my part too. It really emphasizes a plant based diet, and I'm starting to agree wholeheartedly. But I am ready to compromise too.

Tyler and I had a conversation about our meal planning just today and how to budget a bit better for it. We came up with the idea of eating the same basics Monday through Friday, and a change up on the weekends. So I think my compromise will be eating vegan-ish on the weekdays, and get our meat fix on the weekends with good cuts of meat. If you take a general approach, saying Monday will be spaghetti, Tuesday will be tacos, Wednesday will be oatmeal, Thursday will be beans and rice and Friday will be pizza, and then just get creative weekly with diffent variations, I think this could work very well. And make it easier on me for menu planning! Then on the weekends have some wild Alaskan salmon on Saturday and a BBQ chicken salad on Sunday... Everyone should be happy, right?

You know who I really wish would give this "diet" a try? My parents. Mom and Dad, come stay with. Us for a m onto, and see how/if this changes anything for you.... If it does, GREAT! If it doesn't, well, you could cross it off your list! I worry about your guys' health on a daily basis. And I truly believe you would benefit from a diet change. Love you guys!

So there is my ramblings... Hope I haven't scared any of you. Are you going to look at your current diet a bit harder now? Do you feel good every day? Do you want a change? I have a few recipes I could pass on to get you started! Like blueberry breakfast muffins... And an avocado and white bean wrap. An amazing peanut sauce.
Oh, and I ran 5 miles yesterday, with a smile on my face, and felt FANTASTIC! That book i read, Born to Run, made such an impact on me. Today I took my first Texas yoga class, and really enjoyed it.


Jessica said...

Just went to check on you on facebook and you were gone!!! So glad I found you again! What happened there that caused you to delete your account?

And it would be super cool if you shared some of your new recipes here. I'd love the motivation.

-Jess Jones

Brooke said...

Hey, Jess! I just decided it wasn't working for me anymore. My time was better spent doing other things. And so far, I have to say, it has been really nice to be a bit disconnected. At first, I had to use my willpower daily, but now, I don't really even miss it. Information overload. But I do miss certain people.
I will include a couple recipes in the next couple posts before we leave. It really is good. Everything in moderation, right?
So how are you guys? Your leaving soon, right? We leave in a week and a half!!!

Erica said...

You are inspiring me. Before I met Ben, I didn't eat any beef or pork. Since living together, I felt I needed to add one of those back in to keep it easy for both of us. So I chose beef...pigs gross me out in general and the thought of eating pork makes my stomach turn. Anyway, I have been thinking of going back of beef because I really feel some of the weight I have gained is from eating it, I do love a good cheeseburger! I think I am going to take your approach to eating veggie style (for me, vegan scares me) during the week and save the other stuff for weekend treats.

Also the fb thing drives me crazy but I can't seem to stay off of it. I think it is my phone and thinking I will delete it off my phone and only go on at night by computer.

You have so many great ideas and Ben and I love reading your blog. We can't wait for our first camping trips with our kids someday, hopefully soon ;-) and I love all your ideas. It actually reminds me a few years ago Ben was talking with Tyler when we visited you guys at the beach and Tyler was talking about you organic food and Ben told me it sounded like me, haha. Anyway, thanks and hoping to see you soon!

PS Could you post the green smoothie juice recipe you talk about it. I want to try it, especially for the morning.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brooke! I just read your letter & about us doing your plan, and I would love it but the next 2 months are kinda spoken for House in Dundee) I can't wait to see my grand babies & you & Tyler of course! We showed your blog to Aunt Becky & Aunt Genny & your cousin Duane & they really loved the pictures & blog, so do we! Love, mom