Thursday, June 14, 2012

Something for me

This week, I had big plans to finish a couple projects for some people we are visiting with over the next 2 months... and I didn't (yet) get any of them done! 

I have however made a couple things for me! Inspired by my favorite clothing designer, Andrea at  Gaia Conceptions , but unable to afford anything quite yet... I made my own! Here is my version of the Love me two times below the knee skirt/dress. I saved about $70!! 

I can't say that I got it perfect, but it is VERY comfy, and oh so versatile! It is a longer strapless dress, a shorter strapless dress, or just a skirt with a folded over waistband (below).
I even made another of the same version the next day... it is all brown and made from a little bit different knit, so I might have to fix it before our trip.
But then, I probably wouldn't get the other little projects I want to get done, done.... we will see what wins out!

Also, we are in the process of getting our house refinanced, so that is a big deal for us! We are going from a 6.5% rate to a 4.5%!!! So excited for that. But it does require a bit of paperwork to be done, so that will be fun while we are on the road!

PLUS, I am trying to get all registered to take some classes in the fall. I think I have done most of the legwork needed, but who knows... I am trying hard to just make it happen and quit putting it off. If I start school now, and get a bunch of the prerequisites done, I might be able to start nursing school in fall of 2013! We will see if that actually happens too, though!

The kids are excited to start school when they get back (RIGHT when we get back!) but right now, all they can think about is our trip. Colton is trying to imagine his birthday party, and wrap his mind around all the things we are doing on our way to Oregon, and what we are going to do when we get there. It will be busy, and fun. 

Soren is crawling all over the place, and finally discovered the stairs, so gates are once again in our lives. Too bad they aren't the nice ones we made in Montana. I loved those gates... most of the time!

So I think I am deciding to NOT blog while I am on "vacation". It will be hard to do anyways from the Ipad, so I think I will just let it go, and then fill in the blanks when we get back. But do not worry... it is only 2 months. I will probably do one more post before we leave though.

FYI:: I am back on Facebook, but I promise not to be on there too much!


Anonymous said...

I love your outfits! They are beautiful! You could be a clothes designer! Famous! I can't wait to see all of you this summer! Love, mom (Granna)

Heather said...

Your outfits are amazing, and what a great way to save money! Have a wonderful trip.