Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Austin: Part 2

We had such fun at the Tough Mudder! It was one of the hardest and most fun things I have done in a while. Tyler and his buddies from work set out at the same time me and my friends did, but they finished a bit before us... but I would say we ran/jogged 8 of the 12 miles on the course; we went through some ice cold water, climbed muddy hills, jumped off a 2 (?) tower into water, and over a HUGE pile of those round hay bales.. and some went through the electrodes.... which I did not because of the crazy heart stuff I have had going on in the last two weeks. My back felt great, I was covered with mud, and got to eat a HUGE bbq meal later with a milkshake. Oh, and the next morning we got really expensive yummy doughnuts at Gordough's in Austin (I had the flying pig! YUMMY), and they were worth the 30 minute wait!

We are hoping to run another Tough Mudder next year... who's in?

It was SO much fun.

The headbands are what you get at the end of the race for finishing, and the boys just love them!

More pictures HERE.

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