Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One of my Favorite Days

Where do I begin... this man that I love so deeply... it is our 7th Anniversary today (well, yesterday... i didn't have time to finish this yesterday!). It is hard to fathom that 7 years ago, we had our beautiful wedding. And now, I still find myself terribly in love with him. Everyday.

For one, he makes adorable children.

And I mean look... he lets the kids dress him up.

One of my favorite pictures, but when our family was only 5 people strong.

He is our rock. Or at least mine.

He is the kids play toy. Seriously. They never stop asking him to play. Even Soren with his little chubby finger points and giggles. Adorable, I tell you.

This is an old gem from our days in North Carolina/Maryland days. Our first stay at a bed & breakfast... and it was fabulous!

In Japan, our first camping trip on Mt. Hakkota. We ended up camping next to a sulfur creek. It was seriously stinky, but memorable.

Doesn't he look pretty much the same? This was 8 years ago!

 And look.at.that.cute.baby.

Did I already say he makes adorable children? His half of the chromosomes definitely shine through (I'm taking biology, so ...)
He still make me laugh on a daily basis. Our world revolves on laughter. Ourselves and the kids are all sarcastic, and it makes us happy.
Life is so good. (except it is just okay when we have sicknesses, like right now. Soren has been letting me get maybe 3-4 hrs a night of B-R-O-K-E-N sleep for the past couple nights...)

Can you get any better than that for wedding day weather? In October???

This is in Japan, at the Oriasi Gorge... so pretty. We got to go behind waterfalls and such. So many good memories of our times together.

And of course, all the camping.
he let me get a dog!

Even if the puppy has been definitely being a puppy, I think it was a good idea!
Oh, and he got a tattoo for our anniversary! It was such a good surprise... a ring on his finger (he doesn't get to wear his ring at work)

Now he is branded!

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