Sunday, November 4, 2012


I had so much fun making the kids costumes this year! Admittedly, they are all the same basic pattern (I made it up) with some details added to each. Ayla's unicorn costume probably took the longest because of the mane, but Kellen's adorable chipmunk one took about all of 20 minutes to complete! We had so much fun doing this photo shoot with Ashley here in Abilene. The kids were so cute and she got a ton of great pictures with great lighting.
I love these kids.
When I have a bad day and reflect after they have gone to bed.... I realize how lucky I am. 

Sometimes I make the wrong choice and yell at them when I really shouldn't. But overall, we all get along fabulously!

We invited the Wicked Witch into our house after Halloween this year, and it worked out great! The kids get just way too much candy, and I end up eating it over and over again... so we started inviting the WW. The kids pick out 15-20 of their favorite pieces of candy, and the rest goes into one bag. They hide it somewhere, and leave a note for the WW. She has to find it and takes it with her, and then she leaves a little gift. This year she left walkie talkies (or Honkey tonkies as Colton calls them!). And a note... it was fun!

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