Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nice Little Sunday Balloon Chasing

Tyler: What do you want to do today?
Me: I don't know. Any ideas?
Tyler: How about Buffalo Gap? We didn't really explore there last time.
Me: Sounds good, let's go.

Another 2 hours later, after we finished hanging out and gathering things for the excursion... we weren't sure if we were excited about it or not... 

Heading off base, we spot a hot air balloon. We tried to guess it's colors and what not. And luck would have it, we headed towards it! Then in front of us is a truck with gear in it, and on the side says some sort balloon chaser on it, and they turn into a parking lot... so we do to. We watch the balloon in amazement (it was really close), and we ask the "chasers" if they are going to land soon. They said sure thing, and they ask, "Do you guys want to help bring it in?"

We look at each other, not really knowing how to react, or if it is something we really want to do... They we say "Sure!"

So we follow.

It was a test of patience.

They thought they would land in one spot, and then they couldn't for one reason or another.

So we followed.

Then finally, it happened! So we stayed back, then they invited us up close, and Colton and Ayla both got a turn to get inside of the basket and PULL the lever that makes the fire! They were scared, but pretty amazed at the same time! It was so fun.

Then Tyler helped get the air out and roll it all up, and it fit in a bag the size of a small coffee table. It was pretty cool.

This was Soren's job the whole time!

Yeah, it was an hour out of our other excursion, but it was SO cool. I am so happy we said "Sure" to balloon chasing. If you ever get the chance, you won't regret!

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