Thursday, January 7, 2010

50 things to do in 485 days

I know, interesting (and weird) title. Well, Tyler and I were inspired by 1001 Day Project, and decided to come up with one similar that fit into our time here in left in Montana. We have had a list of things we would like to do while we live in this beautiful corner of Northwest Montana. Unfortunately, we have not accomplished everything. So we are ready for a little challenge. We hope we can accomplish all of our goals (we have until May 2011), but we know that life sometimes life gets busy and complicated. Here they are:

1. Visit Yellowstone
2. Visit Grand Teton National Park
3. Backpack camping to Link Lake
4. Camping at most of the different campgrounds in Glacier
5. snowboard (Brooke and Tyler) at Big Mountain
6. snowboard (Brooke and Tyler) at Blacktail
7. Pay off car
8. sell house
9. shoot a big buck (Tyler)
10. get rid of things we don't need
11. go sledding at Heron Park
12. snowshoe Lonepine
13. go to final Mariner's game 2010 season
14. have a healthy baby (This should be number 1, but they really aren't in order)
15. make Tech-Sergeant
16. stick to our budget
17. take kids skiing (at a local park)
18. go ice fishing
19. take a cooking class at college
20. take 2 classes each at college for credit
21. run a 10k race
22. take a romantic getaway for 2 nights
23. hike 5 new hikes
24. pick huckleberries (yumm!)
25. go rafting
26. golf Eagle Bend (Bigfork) (Tyler)
27. go out to eat to 3 new and different restaurants
28. join an organized team
29. research trip to Mexico... pick top 10 things to do
30. research trip to Seattle... pick top 5 things to do
31. kayak on a beautiful lake
32. make a cleaning schedule and stick to it
33. become comfortable with only having three kids
34. get professional pictures done next fall
35. put things on Craigslist by end of March
36. write in the kids journals every month (check at end of month)
37. keep inside of car clean (check every Sunday)
38. Tyler read War & Peace
39. Brooke read Anna Karinina
40. teach Colton to read
41. start teaching Colton and Ayla at home a couple times a week
42. have $2500 in savings by the time we leave
43. going out to 3 new restraunts here locally
44. go to HOA meeting and speak our mind (!)
45. have something fun planned when we have visitors
46. get our tattoos
47. donate blood
48. volunteer
49. go apple picking/cherry picking next year
50. go to the pottery place in whitefish and make something

What do you think? I am also participating in the 1001 Day Challenge, which is 101 things list in 1001 days. I haven't yet completed my list, but it is getting there!

I re-injured my back yesterday, rushing down to pick up the baby that I watch (Ayla was about to push him over!), but I think it is on the mend! The kids have been wonderful and very helpful, and Tyler has been the BEST HUSBAND EVER!!! We went to my 32 week OB appointment this morning and the baby is measuring right on, with a heartbeat of 140(ish). I had another dream last night that it was a perfect baby girl (that was brought to us out of a tent!) but when I am awake, I still feel like it is a boy. Only time will tell, right?


Jill said...

I love this! But it's sad to think you only have a year and a half left here:(
Let me know if you want us to watch your kids this weekend. We are ready to do it!

Danielle said...

Very cool there's nothing like checking completed items off of a list--even if it's a fun list. Good luck!

Heather said...

I love this post. I have been slowly putting a list together about all of the things that I want to realistically so here in Colorado this year. I feel like I haven't seen nearly enough of this wonderful state, and it is time to decide what is important to me.

Julia said...

I hope that your back heals fast. And congrats on the new little one! I thought that I was having a girl when I was pregnant and secretly wanted a boy. When I got the U/S and it said boy, I was so excited!

I'm sure whatever it is will be just as beautiful as your other little ones.

Holly said...

This is such a great idea. I need to make one too.

Just a heads up on Yellowstone, avoid the crowded seasons. We went when while PCSing one July and there were lines that rivaled Disney.