Thursday, January 28, 2010

One Small Change's progress

Our One Small Change for the month of January was to eat more meatless meals; and that we have! Every week, I have been making a menu, and we have been sticking to them more or less (with a few oatmeal days here and there!). So I call this a huge success, and one that I will be continuing.
It is kind of funny because this also coincides with our decision to stick to a food budget. And this was also a success. We set a certain amount and kept a log on an envelope. We did actually go over it by about $50, but considering before this we were spending about $6-700 a month on food (yeah, I don't know how that happened!) I thought that $460 was a great amount. We are going to probably keep it at around $450 because we are including going out in this amount too. And sometimes it is worth that extra money to NOT have to clean up your kitchen, or prepare a yummy meal. At least at 9 months pregnant!
I also have been setting goals in my crafting and things, and this month, so far I have come so close. Good thing I have a couple more days- Ayla's quilt isn't going to get done on it's own. And the second bootie is coming along... probably about 1 more hour on it? I am going knitting tonight at the coffee house, so maybe I will be able to get it finished!

I would have put new pictures on here, but I can't seem to find the camera. We have some cute ones of the kids playing outside. Ayla has been wearing a purple snowsuit pretty much all day long. Then Colton will decide to get his on, and they get their gloves and snowboots and head out the back door. They cannot wait until Spring and Summer. Neither can I.


Homemade and Homegrown Mama said...

I love eating meatless meals. We only have meat maybe once a week but we spend about 300 on food a month so we can't afford to buy a lot of it. How is Tyler doing with it? what are your favorite meals? I am always on the look out for new meals to add to my line-up.

Danielle said...

It may take a little family convincing, but I am thinking of meatless meals for February. I know what you mean about going out to dinner. Sometimes I will tell my husband that I need to go to a "real" restaurant...the kind where I don't need to make everyones drink and bus my own table!

Earth Mama said...

It is so nice in the warmer weather when the kids can just be outside all day in their own world. I can't wait for that. It makes for a quiet house.