Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vintage Swap

I participated in the Vintage Swap, hosted by Heather, this last month. It was my first "swap" and I found it pretty fun.
Ayla and I took a Saturday and went around to some local shops and looked for some vintage treasures for my swap partner, Hannah. We found some awesome little treasures, and then we added a couple from my "vintage" stash.
The point of the swap is to find 3-5 vintage items and send to your partner after they have emailed you some simple info (favorite color, hobby, and such). Then you send it off by a particular day. Your partner sends something to you. All in all a great experience, and I would do it again!

My favorite item that I sent was some awesome reddish napkin rings. These have been in my stash for awhile, and although I love them, I haven't used them in years, so I figured since Hannah's favorite color was red, and she uses cloth napkins - why not! I also found some vintage-ish lace and some retro bright (!) fabric and a couple pillow cases and a nice sheet. All in all, I felt it was a pretty great bunch. Look at that beautiful card! Tyler's Great Aunt (I think) designed this when she was in high school years and years ago. It was part of Tyler's sister's senior project (she did a fashion show, and sold the cards as a fundraiser) I just thought it was beautiful. It is the first one I used out of the pack, because they are hard to part with! The post office obviously needs us sending cards though.... which is one of my goals this year. Hmmmm?

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Danielle said...

Ooh! All of those items are so pretty and carefully collected. A very lucky swap recipient!