Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lewis and Clark Caves and GNP

To continue where yesterday's left off...

Lewis & Clark Caverns... we stopped in there at the state park and paid our entry fee to walk up a long path and then through the caverns, which were really neat looking. The kids thought it was pretty cool, and Kellen ... well, I don't know what Kellen thought, but he didn't like it much. I had to feed him while on the move, ducking and twisting and turning through the windy path. It was fun though. Afterwards we ate at the really expensive cafe there (think $7.50 for a sandwich which does not include chips, drink, pickle, nothing!!) but it was good at least. Then we headed out to catch up with the others.
Unfortunately, Chuck and Toni's truck lost 5th gear on the way to Glacier, so they had to drive pretty slow, and then the next day had to take it to the transmission shop and wait for it to be fixed.
We ended up at Glacier at about 12am... set up camp and went right to sleep. Next day we lazed around in the morning and then headed to the Trail of Cedars. The kids loved it and we had a great time.Next day we headed up the Going to the Sun Road (which is something that is just spectacular!) and then stopped at Logan Pass and had a picnic. By the way, the ground squirrels there are out of control!Then we set out for Many Glacier on the East side of the park and to where our bear adventures were last time! We found a black bear on the way up when we stopped at an overlook. I busted out the binoculars (or binoculees, as Ayla calls them. LOVE) and I was scouting the landscape for animals, and came upon a bear that was a decent distance away, but easy to see through the lenses. Jaime and Toni and all their families had never seen a bear before, so this was especially neat! On the way back, I was looking pretty intently in the same area for the bear and actually saw it again on the other side of the road, not 15 feet from the car!! It was so cool to see one that close from the confines of the car! Unfortunately, our camera was turned to some funky setting so we got no pictures. I am sure that the others did though!
It was a great trip, with great friends, and I will (and my family too) cherish these memories for a long time to come!

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Danielle said...

did you get a new pair of chacos without the toe wrap?? I ditched my old ones for new non-wraping ones and like them so much better (plus I got them for 50 bucks) I love your pics, looks like you've lost a ton of weight. I can't wait to see you next month (almost this month!!) sigh... and 30 is getting so close!

Brooke said...

Danielle, I did not get a new pair... just tucked under the toe loop, it always made my foot ache!
I am almost down to pre-Kellen weight, but would like to get down to pre-Ayla weight.. so 15 more pounds!! Doesn't seem like too bad!