Sunday, October 17, 2010

Glacier in Fall

The weather has been beautiful in these parts the last couple days. The blue skies are inviting us to come out and play before the winter is here. But it has been COLD! Freezing at night, and pretty cold all day. Yesterday we did manage to get out and about. We headed to a place where Tyler goes fishing. And it was beautiful.
Tyler did a lot of fishing while the kids and I were gone a couple weeks ago. He says it has a major calming effect on him, and he just loves it. I don't see the draw, but I do love to eat most of the fish. I would love it if salmon were out here!
When we arrived there, we walked on the train tracks and heard a slow approaching train. we thought it was just being past, but we found out that they were waiting for the track to be fixed. Colton, Kellen and I walked up to the train and the female (!) conductor came out and talked to us. She was so nice and even gave Colton a special train pin... he loved it!
A rail scraper train went by with sparks coming out from under it, that was cool too.
We ended up seeing 7 trains.
The area Tyler fished had a nice little beach, and lots of rocks for the kids to climb on, so all was enjoyed.
Colton asked today "Can we go back to that place soon?"this is one Ayla took (below)


Heather said...

Wow, what gorgeous scenery, and a fun looking time together. So glad that your trip was a good one (although it is great to have you back :))

Brooke said...

It was a great time! We head out again this weekend! But it was good to be back. this time it is only a week gone!
thanks for the vest idea!