Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WIP... ?

I really haven't had much time to do any projects per say. But, I did cut this little one's hair. She wants to grow it long "like Mommy's", but in order to do that, the bangs had to catch up. I think it looks rather spectacular on her!

Some things we are up to around here:

*sorting through stuff and selling on Craigslist. So far, I have made $20, but today is the first day. I sorted out all my kids clothes into sizes and sex, then posted an ad listing each item in the group. We will see. We are also selling our kitchen table, hoping to replace it with a simple picnic table; our double jogging stroller, since we have a bike trailer/stroller combo too; a big bag of wooden toys for kid kitchen with puzzles and a really cute boy doll (we have too much stuff)!

I was inspired to do this by Rachel at LuSa Organics::Clean, that post really struck a cord with me; what about you?

*learning Spanish! Tyler gets access to Rosseta Stone, so we figured for our upcoming trip it may be useful. I am also brushing up on my Russian... it has been awhile!

*getting ready for our trip to Mexico! So excited to be there with our wonderful family (part of it, at least!)

*enjoying watching Colton change in front of our eyes with a love for school that I imagine I had when I was a kid. Every day when I pick him up, he asks when he gets to go back. And yesterday at storytime, him and Ayla both participated! They both used to stand there and watch, and it was SO good to see them dance around! We went and got a cookie afterward!

*I invited a couple friends to come over and make some napkins. I thought it would be a fun time to make something for Christmas, and teach some friends how to sew a little bit. If any of you are interested and live near, let me know.

*making due without Tyler for the next couple days. He headed to Las Vegas early this morning for a work thing. And he went golfing. Luckily he went to Vegas, because here, at 10:30 this morning, it was 37 degrees!!! Cold, cold, cold!!

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