Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things I am thinking about

There are some things that I have been contemplating. Some are completely random, while some have to do with the seasons. Don't question, just roll with it!

*what knitting project should I start/bring to Mexico with us?
option one:: vests for each kid (or see it here) so cute!
option two:: poorboy hat (not sure if this would be for me or ??)
option three:: cute toasty hat for Kellen (in Irish, his name means fierce warrior)
option four:: this cozy neck thing for moi
and there are other options, I just haven't narrowed it down enough!!

*I would like to get this or something of the sort for Colton and his lunches... not sure on the price though!

*which boots should I covet more? Rising Sun boots :: or :: Bucolic Fields boots? Someday, right?

*wondering if I should actually put extra effort into actually planning meals for the week that work together and just kind of stick to it. I know it would help with the panic feeling I get in the afternoon thinking "what is for dinner tonight?" and our weekly/monthly food budget.

*last night, I had my good friend and neighbor, Becca, over for a sewing class (if you can call it that!). We made a set of kid napkins, and they turned out so CUTE! I didn't get a picture of hers, but here are mine....I hope to have a couple more "classes" before Christmas with some of my favorite local ladies. It is actually my dream to own a fabric shop and have little "classes" for useful projects. So I am testing out my skills!

*Christmas. Hmmmm.... we have decided this year to try the ONE gift per kid (a really good one of course) and stocking stuffers. AND THAT IS IT! Maybe, just maybe we can convince the family to follow our lead. It is quality, not quantity. Remember that people.

*wigs do not belong on babies. But it is funny.*backyard ball is fun, especially at night.
*Ayla is becoming quite the photographer. She takes the camera every chance she gets and just snaps away. Cute, but a little scary, considering she has no regard for the $$ involved in the camera! Only money though, right?


Jill said...

one problem i've found with no baggies, is the amount of space a container takes! they end up with a HUGE lunch sack once you add a reusable drink cup and a snack. I've heard about people using wax paper instead, but that sounds expensive too! I use plastic wrap which reduces the amount of plastic at least.
i love all your knitting ideas. those vests are SOOOO tempting. I love them.

Brooke said...

yeah, that sounds like what i was thinking... i have been wrapping sandwich in a small reusable napkin, which works, but maybe i will add just a couple reusable tins, too.
i started a vest last night!

Terry said...

How cute your blog is!!! If you want my opinion.... You should do the cozy neck thing for you. Moms need to pamper themselves too.
I am a new follower.

Also, I am having a GIVEAWAY of Water You Want. This takes the chlorine out of drinking water one glass at a time.