Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Oh, wow! How the time has flown. My sweet little boy who entered this world in an amazingly peaceful way, is now ONE YEAR OLD!
His birth story is here... it was really amazing and I can only hope this next baby has such a wonderful experience.
Kellen is a happy little boy, who greets us every morning with a smile and a giggle. He loves his big brother and sister, although he lets them know when they go too far! He is unbelievable vocal, saying "kitty", "Jack Jack (our cat's name)" "meow", mama, dada, and a whole bunch of gibberish! He loves to play blocks and knock them over. Usually he is pretty independent, but still loves to come snuggle and get picked up. He pulls himself up on everything, but is still pretty unsteady in the standing on his own department.
I can't believe a year has gone by already! It is truly amazing to watch that first year unfold, and a baby turning into a toddler.the volcano cake
This last weekend, the Grandparents were here, so we celebrated a little early.... and we will celebrate again next week with Grammy and Aunt Danielle and cousins!

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Nicole said...

Adorable! Happy Birthday little man! Brooke - I love your blog header. :)