Friday, August 31, 2012

Coming Back

It feels so weird coming back to this place after such a long hiatus. Not bad weird, just out of practice weird. I don't even know where to begin on what has taken place between then and now. I have about 1500 pictures that I am currently uploading to the computer, and we have many (many, many, many) stories of just what went on during our adventures. So I think I will just randomly write down a mess of words that are our story, and then I will elaborate on some of the funnier (or not so funny) ones.

Road trip. Vomiting. Diarrhea. Camping while sick. Friends. Laughter. Climbing rocks. Suckers. Caves. National Parks. Air Force bases. Stitches. Birthday parties. ER visits. Head lice. Cousins. Friends. Running. Misunderstandings. Missing Tyler. Dropped IPad. Refinancing house (while on vacation). Aquariums. Beaches. Rockets. Fourth of July. Great wedding.

I am forgetting SO much, I know. We had a great time in Oregon (and in Idaho on our way there). We saw many friends and family; we might have even worn out our welcome at a couple places :0  Our hearts are definitely in the great Northwest, and I cannot wait to move back and begin our "permanent" life.

Our Tough Mudder is in about 4 weeks, so we have been training for that... last weekend, we each ran 7 miles... the most I have ran at one time since before knee surgery! My back has been sore for the last couple days, but I think with some ice and rest, I will be back to the training. It is kind of funny, because on this trip, I ran in SOOO many different places. Salt Lake City; near Newport, OR; Astoria; Dundee (through some beautiful backroads); Veneta; it was great to get to train all over! My favorite run the whole trip was when Tyler rejoined us, and him and I took Soren down to the riverwalk in Astoria, and ran 6+ miles, with a light misting rain keeping us cool. I just felt so in shape and ready for this race.

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