Friday, September 14, 2012

Country Fair with cousins

 Country Fair in Elvira, Oregon was certainly an interesting experience. I was prepped by my sister in law to be open to many sightings... and sightings we saw. A man in only a strategically placed fig leaf (darn, i have no pictures of that!), boobs hanging out in all different shapes and sizes, stilts, costumes, and many many many hippies. It was a great time had by all. We dressed all the kids up in cute little costumes that we had laying around Danielle's house, and off we went.
 We brought a wagon, and used it to carry children (there were 7 of them, age 6 and under!), diapers, costumes... etc.

Kellen even fell asleep in it on the way out... and that was pretty cute because you couldn't even see him!
 Look at that cute boy. I just love him.
 Nonni helping the kids go down the slide in the kid section.

 The girls catching Kellen.
 Our oldest boys (above) dressed up as a gecko and iguana showing us a cool mushroom.

And of course our cute little bear (?)

 Sweet little Natalie dressed up as a butterfly.
 Watching a very interesting stilts/gymnastics show. The kids thought it was very entertaining.
 Elin with her mohawk.
 Making some wind streamers at the art table...
Want some coconut milk ice cream bars? They were delicious!

We had a great time, and recommend anyone in the area should definitely go and have yourself a nice, "freeing" time. Go naked. you only live once, right?!

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