Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Colton's 6th Birthday

I still find it hard to believe my boy is 6! He is getting too old! Before we left for Oregon, we planned his birthday party, at his insistence, up at the Column. (For those who don't know, the Astor Column is in Astoria. Oregon... a tall lookout. Very cool) And despite his *injury from the night before, it went off without a hitch.   
The cake looked and tasted fantastic, the burgers were yummy, and all the sides were yummy that people brought. Colton enjoyed opening up his presents, and heading up to the top of the column to release some planes.
Thanks everyone for making it a great day for my wonderful boy.

*His injury happened at bedtime out at Grammy's house. He was running after Shelby, the dog, and tripped (?) and fell on a jagged rock (of course!) and sliced his brow open. Tyler and Grammy took him to the ER for 9 stitches! He was so brave!

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