Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ayla's 5th Birthday, Rainbow Style

I think she had a great birthday! I got some ideas off of Pinterest (that place is wonderful for ideas), and we kind of rolled with it. Her cake was just a white cake recipe with some added coconut, then I set a side a bit for each color in the rainbow... the finished product was cute, and kind of arched within the bundt cake pan. I think she liked it. She picked out her pink party dress, and got to pick a lei of her color choice. At first, I thought since she was 5, she could pick 5 friends, but then... we ended up having 11 kids... I think 5 would have been more fun, but we had a great time in spite of the chaos.
I can't believe my girl is 5 years old. She amazes me with her creativity and love of people. She is always ready to help in the kitchen, and just has a wonderful time at school. I just love her!

Here is her 4 year birthday party (so cute), her 3rd birthday, and a bit more of #3,  and how her name came to be...

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