Friday, January 16, 2009

10 things I love today

Where do I start? There are so many things to be loving and appreciating right now... let me see.

1. The meatballs that I made the other night, and then had again last night! They were so yummy and pretty healthy, actually!

2. JuJu Bee's, this great indoor playhouse (the only one in the Flathead) that the kids love and actually ask to go to! My friend Jill and I bought a monthly pass and have been frequenting quite regularly.
3. Coffee! How on earth have I become so addicted to coffee? I blame it all on Tyler, due to his inability to wake up in the morning without it!
4. The fact that the kids let us sleep in until 9am this morning! Of course Ayla was in bed with us since 7:30, but who cares!
5. The clear roads that allow for a quick walk during the day, when it isn't too cold or windy
6. The prospect of acupuncture actually helping my back!
7. Ayla learning new words everyday! She is so amazing and seems to be smarter than me already!
8. How Colton is learning problem solving, example: He asked for juice the other morning, and I said "you always have milk for breakfast. After you drink your milk, you can have some juice" so Tyler got out the milk and started to pour and Colton told him very politely "only little bit, Daddy. Only little bit." Then he drank his little bit of milk, holds the cup out to me and says, "Juice, Mommy, Please." What a stinker!

9. My back's weird way of telling me to slow down and enjoy the little things... funny how that works!
10. The new leg warmers that I am half way done with for Ayla! They are so tiny!

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Jill said...

Colton is getting very smart! You better watch out.