Friday, January 9, 2009

Choosing Simplicity

So my friend Jill lent me a book to read that she though I might be interested in. It is called Choosing Simplicity by Linda Breene Pierce. I have just started reading it, but am already seeing that this is exactly what I have been looking for. Simplicity is so simple, yet seems so out of reach. We are always trying to get more and more and our society says less is not best. But is it? I am leaning towards the answer being yes.
Choosing to live simply is a big step though, and I am not sure that Tyler and the kids would be fully on board. But maybe it's worth a try. I believe that we already live towards "simple". We don't spend extravagantly; we don't have a lot of debt other than our house and car; we don't go out to eat too much; etc. However, there is a lot more we could do. Such as: walk more places; not waste so much food; grow a vegetable garden with stuff we know we will eat or gift; think about everything we do buy and ask ourselves if we really need it; pay off the debt we have now; save some for later; etc...
One decision I made last night as I was reading was to NOT get the gym membership that I have been wanting to get. I got a trial membership to the gym and really like it; however, I now realize that I can buy a couple workout videos, watch them on our TV and dance around with the kids when I need a workout, instead of spending about $30 a month on a gym membership. When we move to our next duty station and if we live near the base, I will have a free gym membership! Yeah! Anyways, that is just one thing.
I am going to give it six months.
I'll let you know how it is going!
In other news, I FINALLY finished my second knitting project, and I am SO happy with the final results. It is a kicking bag for infants, or as Colton calls it, a sleeping bag. Just slip the baby in it instead of using a blanket. I got the idea from the Soulemama blog (located in my favorite blogs) and signed up for the pattern... turned out wonderful. I might modify, so it doesn't take quite so long (chunkier yarn) who knows.

Here are just a few random pictures from the last couple of days... tractor pancakes from this morning; Ayla with her first barrette in her hair (didn't last long) and the kids playing in a box from Costco (which kept them entertained for at least half an hour!)

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