Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our New Years weekend

So we started our new year off on a bad foot for little Colton... on New Year's Eve we had some neighbors over and when Tyler and I took the kids upstairs to go to bed, I was dragging Colton up the last step and he started crying about his arm... so he refused to move it for 2 days and we put it up in a sling (a playsilk from Aunt Danielle) which worked great! So he is better as of now, and seems to have forgotten the ordeal!

How cute is he in the sling though?
Today (Saturday) we took the kids sledding in the neighborhood. We each went down once, and then Tyler took both kids down... bad idea! They went in the powder and got snow everywhere on their little faces! They began to cry and it was time to go home.. but that is okay, it was worth a try! I got a chance to go snowshoeing yesterday with my good friend Jill and that was a blast! We hiked up through at least a foot of snow to the top of Lone Pine in our backyard... it was definitely worth it!

Ayla loves the snow and has such a good time trudging around. Her new boots keep her feet warm and dry.


Jill said...

At least you got some cute photos out of the short sledding trip!

jk said...

What a cute little sling! Found your site through Soulemama's ~ love all her ideas! Happy New Year!

julie said...

Nursemaid's elbow, perhaps?