Monday, February 9, 2009

Days around here

We have been having a lot of indoor days around here, so the kids have become pretty creative. They decide that they are going "bye, bye" and proceed to get their jackets and shoes and hats on and head out to the laundry room saying, "Bye, Bye Mommy (and Daddy if he is home!) " It is really quite adorable. Ayla has taken quite a liking to her new rain boots (which are huge on her), and insists on wearing them pretty much all the time.
Colton is definitely the instigator and he has decided to enter the terrible two's a little late. He is very headstrong, and likes to boss us around on his terms. Most of the time it is hard to keep a straight face because he is just so darn cute! He spend 45 minutes in time out the other day because he decided he didn't want to say he was sorry for kicking me in the face (not hard, but enough to need to say sorry for), so he sat... and sat... and sat.... it was a tough lesson.

A couple of monkeys!
As for me, I have been busy trying to do our taxes, and getting into the habit of using coupons and buying sale items. I know it sounds like easy stuff; but I have found it is not. We (meaning I) usually try to buy organic stuff, and most of it just isn't on sale. So I have taken to going to each individual website and printing off coupons. And it actually adds up. Also using the store ads to plan meals seems to working pretty well too. I am trying to save us the most money possible, which is a goal worth trying for.


bluecorduroy said...

i to am trying to stretch the food budget as far as i can. i'm curious about how you go to websites and print off coupons, i didn't realize this was an option. i also hate feeling the tug to sacrifice healthy foods for affordable foods.

Brooke said...

I will leave a post in the next few days about how to find the coupons... it has taken a bit, but I seem to find a couple for products I use again and again! I didn't know if anyone would be interested though!