Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Valentine's Day

This is the view from our neighborhood. We are surrounded by beautiful mountains that remind us each morning that we are alive and living in one of the prettiest places in the world! We really love where we live and are sad that we only have a little over two more years here... but maybe we'll come back... maybe, quite possible!

Valentine's day was a couple weekends ago, but I forgot to post pics or our wonderful day. We drove to the local burger shop (Frugals) and got our lunch and then headed up to our backyard state park, Lonepine. The kids just love to go up there and explore and it was a great day weather wise, so we decided what the heck! Ayla is getting so independent and likes to go everywhere by herself. Not to mention Colton... that boy likes to wander ahead and then wait for us. Both such cuties!

and then we ate our heart shaped pizza's and had a little piece of cheesecake... great day. Oh, and Tyler did get me chocolates and tulips, and we all made each other cards.

and, stay tuned for more info on the 1/2 marathon Tyler and I will be running in September!!

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Pam said...

Hi Brooke, Tyler, Colton and Ayla! I just read your last post and I agree that you live in the prettiest place I think I have ever visited. Especially because of my wonderful cute cute! grandchildren! Dad and I keep forgetting to ask when that wedding in May is? I have been looking online to find out solutions to our skunk problem! I found a few that I might try in the next few days if it is nice.
Well, I love your postings 'cause I find out so much about you that I never knew! Your family is so lucky to have such a great mom - my daughter!!! Love Always, Mom (Granna)