Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am teaching a class on cloth diapering next week, so I am getting some random things together to share with the class (hopefully there will be at least one person interested!) One thing I am doing is taking pictures of the process I use with caring for my cloth diapers. Here are a couple photos...

My stacks of "good" and "temporary" diapers.... the temps are just for short periods of time because they don't soak up a lot (or I just don't like them!)

The stacks of diapers after they are stuffed! I found out that I have over 30 diapers... but having the two in diapers it doesn't seem like enough some days!

And of course, a pic of the kids: Colton trying to go in for a kiss, and Ayla playing defense!

PS.... Colton went on the potty chair for the first time! It is a step in the right direction!


blazer_ben said...

Boys are notorious for being hard to potty train. You might get Ayla potty trained first. Good luck!

Jill said...

I still love the apple ones.