Monday, August 16, 2010

camping at Dickey Lake... again!

We camped a second time at Dickey Lake this last weekend. (I know, it seems like all we do is camp... but we have only this last summer to get to all the places we have been wanting to go in this area!)
the kids working at a "phone factory"... I think they sold us all phones.

That is little Gus (3 years old!!!) and his dad climbing a pretty hard climb. Wow!

That is Becca above... she made it up the climb she wanted to!

That is me up there! I made it farther than the last time!

The last time we camped here... it wasn't the greatest, but we decided to go again because some friends were coming with us. And that made all the difference! We had a great time with Luke and Becca and the kids, and their friend and his two sons. We swam, we rock climbed, we didn't sleep well... but hey, it was all fun.
Too bad the neighbor had a generator on all night :)Colton and Tyler up there... that boy is not afraid of heights!
This is not Dickey Lake.. it is Lake Kookanoosa (sp?)

I love camping with friends! We are headed to Yellowstone later this week... but there is still one more day to enter for a gift certificate! Giveaways are awesome!!! ENTER!

Right now, I am headed to make the kids some of these (lap pillows) for our trip! Car rides can be excruciatingly long!


Danielle said...

let me know how the lap desk works, I had that bookmarked for my laptop but had yet to make it. Have fun camping. We cant wait to see you in a month!!!

Heather said...

Your kids are awesome! I showed the pics to the boys and they were in awe. They are just learning to rock climb, so this was a very exciting set of photos to see

Josh Healy said...

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Anonymous said...

The Spelling is Koocanusa, it is a combination of Kootenai, Canada and USA. Coined by Alice Beer of Rexford, MT when Libby Dam was built.