Monday, August 9, 2010

First Trip to Canada

After over 3 years of living in Kalispell, which really is not that far from Canada at all, we ventured over our border to Waterton National Park. Waterton is the Canada side of Glacier National Park. We had a fantastic time. Had some weather issues, but the beautiful views and all of the views and the wildlife we saw made up for it and more. Amazingly, we saw a total of SEVEN (7) bears!!! At least 3 of them were grizzlies! The mom and cub were right off the road... we actually got yelled at by a shuttle driver (we were the furthest car from her, but for some reason the lady thought we couldn't open the door to take a picture, from the car!!) She yelled "I don't care about you; I care about the bear!" This was a joke the whole rest of the trip because of the rudeness! But understandable... some people are passionate, right? We also saw coyote, elk, deer, mountain goats, and little marmots and such... all were pretty close and fantastic to see.The kids had never been on a boat, so we took them on a boat ride to Goat Haunt, which is a ranger station/border station. You have to have your passports to hike there because it is in the US. We had intended to go on a longer hike, but just went on a short one because of all the mosquitoes. Colton really loved the boat, thought it was so neat. Ayla would randomly come up with questions regarding the boat, the whole trip. "Where do they make boats?" "How do we get on the boat?" She is so cute!

The kids at the ranger station in Goat Haunt, and them making "fires".
this is the border, cut through the trees.
Sunday, we packed up the car and drove to the Bison Paddock, where supposedly there were bison. I guess they have them corralled up so they don't damage things in the park, but they have access where you can drive around the paddock.... we had to make two passes through to find 3 bison! We were a little disappointed.
On the way through Glacier, we stopped at the Canadian visitor center to see the T-Rex skeleton they have in there. So cool! Colton has been really digging the dinosaur stuff, so he just love it!

Stay tuned this week for a giveaway on Friday, from a lovely girl with a huge talent for creativity. Seaworthy is one of my favorite places to look for jewelry, plus, Marisa, the designer was one of my best friends in grade school.

Oh, and by the way, I can't believe I have 20 followers! Thanks guys and gals!

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Hip Mountain Mama said...

beautiful shots! I lived in Canada for the first 10 years of my life...and I haven't been back in almost 20 years...We really need to plan a family trip up North!!