Saturday, April 9, 2011

16 weeks

Right now I feel huge at 16 weeks... I know it is number 4, but still! Huge, I say! But all for a precious little baby. We go in for an ultrasound in two weeks... we may find out what this one is. The other three were surprises, but I almost want to find out for this one. WE are deciding (really, I am deciding). And then we are not certain that if we do find out, if we are going to tell anyone else. And if we do, we will save the name for the birth.
Decisions, decisions.


Danielle said...

you look great. I hope you find out on this one... why not? The others were surprises. I think we'll be keeping our name and sex to ourselves until the birth!

PMG Smith Family said...

Cute baby bump! I think you only feel huge because you are apparently only getting bigger in your belly instead of your ENTIRE BODY (the way I am getting truly huge). The anticipation of a new baby is the best part of pregnancy. :-)

Brooke said...

Thanks guys! I feel huge still, but maybe that is from Kellen, Ayla and Colton :) still? I am pretty sure we are going to keep the sex and name to ourselves... we will see. I think that would be a fun surprise for everyone. Danielle, are you guys finding out?