Thursday, April 7, 2011

Plates galore!

Back when Tyler's parents came to visit last month, I mentioned that we ventured up to Whitefish to paint some plates. Well, here are the finished products! Our first trip was with Richard and Colleen, and we painted dinner plates, and I painted a baby plate for the upcoming baby :) I just love how they turned out, and every night at dinner, the kids are asking for specific plates!
Colleen's back of her beach plate::

Then we went up there again with Roxanne, Danielle, Aiden and Natalie... we painted some salad plates for our place, and Danielle and the kids did a couple kids plates for Aiden, Natalie and the new baby (or babies!!!) they are going to welcome in September!We had a great time painting all of these things, and this place is definitely going to be missed by our family!!! Maybe we can find a place like it in Texas???

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Danielle said...

Those turned out great!! I love them. There is only 1 baby!! We have an appointment tomorrow with 2 midwifes so that will confirm it!! We miss you.