Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This Easter, we chose to dye eggs the day before and then we hid them for the kids the next day along with some eggs with candy. The kids also had to find their Easter buckets, which had a chocolate bunny and wildflower seeds in them. They thought this was fun, and decided to hide one for Tyler and I. They went around the house and found random things for them. It was really adorable.
Easter was a BEAUTIFUL day here, almost 60 degrees with clear blue skies! Our dear neighbors invited us to the beach... and we are so glad we went! We hid more eggs for the kids among the driftwood, played soccer, got in the water, built sandcastles, etc.... GREAT TIME! The beach on Flathead Lake is really only here in April and May, otherwise the waters are too high... so we haven't been there much, but it was the perfect day!

Wonderful Easter Sunday!

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