Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun in a box and more

Right now I (or we) are::

::enjoying the transition to spring
::awaiting the warmer weather in Texas
::anxious about the move in a little over 2 weeks!
::contemplating whether to find out about the baby or not!
::love watching the kids explore outside and be so independent
::proud of myself for hiking up more of Lonepine than I thought I could!
::excited about the bike riding going on around here! (loving the bike path)
::getting comfortable with three kids... thinking about number four being here in 5 months!
::happy to have the taxes done.
::knitting some fabulous gifts for some people (little and big)
::sad to be leaving an area that I absolutely LOVE!
::listening to the birds singing outside, calling spring in each day.

1 comment:

camille creates said...

Wow, that's a lot of change going on. Good luck with all. I would find out the sex so I could start sewing. Baby stuff is my favorite to make.
Love, Camille