Monday, September 12, 2011

9-11 in our lives

On 9-11-01, I remember being new to the Navy, and the way of the military. I shared a room with my good friend Kadie. We were getting ready in the morning for our language classes, and I turned on the radio, just like I always did. But this day was different.
There was no music, just news. News of the awful thing that happened that no one quite understood, and no one could explain.
We went to class just like usual, but classes were anything but usual that morning. All of us were in a daze, wondering what that meant for us as young Americans, and us, as military members.
I had just turned 21 two days prior.

Tyler was fishing, and heard two old men on the bridge talking about the planes that hit the building in New York. He had no idea they were talking about huge planes that took the building down.
It happened to be one of the last things that pushed him to join the Air Force.

We had just moved to Kalispell, Montana and were getting ready to welcome our second child into the world. Granna and Papa came to visit to help with little Colton. We scheduled an induction on the eve of September 11. And looking back, the only thing I was thinking about was having a baby. I was so excited to meet my little babe, that I don't remember really reflecting on the actual day. We had headed up to Glacier National Park that day to show the family the sites and were, as always, amazed with what we saw.
The next day, at 11:01am we welcomed little Ayla into the world.
The world.
Thinking small picture, we loved our world... we were so excited to be living in Northwest Montana.
Thinking big picture, the world was scary. To bring another little one into the world as it was, seemed almost wrong. But we wanted a family of our own. And we added another. (And another, and another!)

9-11-11 Yesterday, we celebrated Ayla's birthday one day early. Tyler is on twelve hour shifts during the week right now, so we figured a weekend party was the best option. Ayla invited 4 little girlfriends over and we had a great time making butterflies, playing dress up and of course, beating the daddy-made pinata. I think they all had fun. Then the moms came back with the littler siblings and we all had cake and ice cream. The celebration occurred because that is what we do. We get on with our lives. Admittedly, I did reflect on the 10 year anniversary of Sept. 11, and what it will always mean to the United States. But mostly, I celebrated my little girl's 4th birthday. And what a day we had.

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